Canadian applicants outside Quebec

Canadian applicants outside Quebec


Applicants should first consult the programs offered by the SRASL - Regional College Admissions Service of Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean. This information is available via "Programs ".

Any student who wishes to be accepted at a Regional College establishment must apply before March 1st for the fall semester beginning at the end of August. For the winter semester starting in January, applications must be received before November 1st.


Education requirements to study in Québec

To study in Quebec at one of the SRASL Colleges, you must hold an equivalency level of a Quebec secondary school diploma (DES) and meet specific requirements of the chosen program.
The application submitted will be evaluated  for a comparative assessment for education received outside of Québec.

Applicants whose first language is not French

Applicants whose first language is not French must pass a TFI french language test with ETS Canada before receiving a final acceptance letter.

Students residing abroad when applying for admission must:

1. Consult the ETS Canada website and send a request to take the test.

2. Take the TFI French language test at the ETS Canada designated city (in your country).
3. Send your TFI results to SRASL in order to receive your final acceptance letter.




1. The admission application form is only available through our website via "Faire ta demande d'admission / Demande d'admission en ligne".  (Application / Application Online).

2. A legible copy of your report card and diplomas for the last three years of studies, if applicable.

3. A legible copy of your birth certificate showing the names of your parents and place of birth. To find out where to obtain this document, consult the following link

4.  A money order or certified cheque payable to “Service régional de l'admission” SRASL for $ 80. You may also pay by credit card on a secure website.

When an application has been made, SRASL will give you a confirmation number. It is important to indicate this number on all documents. These documents must be sent immediately to SRASL . The original documents must be presented upon arrival at the college. Only duly completed files will be examined. Ensure all required documents are attached.



If you are accepted, an acceptance letter will be mailed to you. Then you must complete the following:  

• Pay tuition

All students attending College must pay tuition according to their status in Quebec. Students with a Quebec Resident status must pay registration fees that differ from one Co
llege to another. Generally it is about $ 200 CAD. Students from other Canadian provinces must add an additional tuition of $ 1,384 per semester. There are two semesters per year.


A " Québec resident" is  as stated in the “Loi sur les collèges d'enseignement général et professionnel” : a student who is a CANADIAN CITIZEN OR PERMANENT RESIDENT as stated in the “Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Regulations” AND is in one of following situations:

1 . He/she was born in Quebec or adopted by a person who was a Quebec resident at   the time of adoption.
2 . One of his/her parents or sponsor has their residence in Québec.
3 . His/her parents or sponsor are deceased and one of the parents or sponsor had their residence in Quebec at the time of their death.
4 . He/she maintains a residence in Québec, although his/her parents or sponsor have ceased to reside there.
   5 . Quebec is the last place where he/she had resided for twelve consecutive months without studying full- time during this period.
   6 . He/she holds a selection certificate issued under section 3.1 of the Quebec Immigration Act.

7. He/she has resided in Québec for at least three months without having resided in another province for more than three months.
   8 . He/she had a residence in Québec in accordance with paragraphs 2), 4), 5) or 7 for three consecutive years over the past five years.
   9 . His/her spouse has or had a residence in Québec according to the preceding paragraphs.

For the purposes of the first paragraph, the word "parent” means the father and mother of the student and the word "sponsor" means a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident , other than the father, mother, or spouse, who is sponsoring the request of a permanent resident under the Immigration Act.


Course selection and schedule confirmation

The College will send accepted applicants documents related to course selection. These documents must be returned as soon as possible with the registration fee. Upon arrival in Quebec tuition fees for the program you have chosen are required by the College.

Generally, a week before classes begin, you can pick up your schedule. The College sends out a letter to this effect at the beginning of August. You need to pick up your schedule prior to the start of classes.




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